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Latest Photography Thoughts

Jerusalem by Night – A Late Evening Photo Walk

I finally got a chance to take a trip to Jerusalem during evening. My wife pushed me to do so, I didn’t want to leave her with all the mess

The Dome of the Ascension

A description of my thoughts behind the image The Dome of the Ascension on Blue Background

Working Creatively with the Three Exposure Controls: ISO

Shot with ISO 3200I will start this part a little different from the two previous parts, with a disclaimer and a little history. The disclaimer is in regards to the

Latest Gear Thoughts

Mirrorless or DSLR?

So, I switched from Canon to Fujifilm, now using Fujifilm’s X-T3 for my photography. This is a decision which can call for strong reactions, both positive and negative, depending on

Fotofying with a 50mm lens

Recently I had a post about the 24mm focal length. Now it’s time for a different, less wide, focal length, namely the classical 50mm focal length.What makes the 50mm a

Fotofying with a 24mm lens

I want to try to present different kind of lenses to you, and how they work in different kinds of photography. It will mostly be focused on the focal lengths