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Working Creatively with the Three Exposure Controls: ISO

Shot with ISO 3200I will start this part a little different from the two previous parts, with a disclaimer and a little history. The disclaimer is in regards to the

Working Creatively with the Three Exposure Controls: Aperture

The aperture is found in the lens, and helps control two aspects, a) how much light enters through the lens to the sensor (or the film for analog cameras), as

Working Creatively with the Three Exposure Controls: Shutter Speed

The shutter speed control regulates how fast the shutter curtain will open and close. For most lower end cameras the shutter speed can be regulated in full stops of light

Latest Gear Thoughts

Mirrorless or DSLR?

So, I switched from Canon to Fujifilm, now using Fujifilm’s X-T3 for my photography. This is a decision which can call for strong reactions, both positive and negative, depending on

Fotofying with a 50mm lens

Recently I had a post about the 24mm focal length. Now it’s time for a different, less wide, focal length, namely the classical 50mm focal length.What makes the 50mm a

Fotofying with a 24mm lens

I want to try to present different kind of lenses to you, and how they work in different kinds of photography. It will mostly be focused on the focal lengths