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This is the return….

So this blog has been left quiet, almost dead, for a long time. The last post I published was posted one and half a year ago. Not that I’ve been inactive for all this time, but I tried to start some other projects, and “Fotofying” didn’t exactly become what I wanted it to be, nor what I wanted to change it into, and now I’m kind of back to what I originally wanted it to be.

To explain. When I took up photography back in 2017, I quickly became enamored with street photography. Of course, I feel like saying. Street photography is easy, it’s always available, and every person with some sort of a camera can go out and “do street photography”. And I thought that I did that. However, what I did do, by far most of the time, was to take snapshots. And most of them not particularly good. And not even that, I somehow began to consider myself a serious street photographer. Mind you, not on par with the established street photographers or anything, but still too serious. 
However, at some point it began to get repetitive, I didn’t feel that I was getting anywhere of evolving much. And I never really got into the spot, where I felt that what I did mattered. At the time, with my Canon camera and telephoto lenses, I felt most comfortable “observing from a distance”, “not wanting to pollute the moment” with my presence, as I expressed my excuses for not being more part of the moment. 
And one day, when I was frustrated with this unconscious limitations I’ve put on myself, I did a couple of events and stage photography shots. And I felt suddenly free, I enjoyed it, and people enjoyed having me shooting them, it was, well, amazing. And then came my chance to do a serious portrait project of my colleagues on work, which even more made me love what I did. How I approached photography changed, I wanted – no, I craved meaning in what I did. The random snapshotting street photography I thought I did so well, became meaningless to the extent, that I couldn’t stand it at all. 
This made me reconsider my photography – and my blogging. The main reason for me to get a camera back in 2017, was caused by my need for illustrative images for my writings on subjects I was studying. When I discovered the “power” of photography, the options and opportunities (not economical), I fell in love with the medium itself, and wanted to do more with it. But my main reason was basically to have some photos, not just writing about things, but also show them. And, surprisingly, those things are often also what I like to take photos of. That I’ve also discovered events, stages, and portraits, is just a bonus, and something I do want to do more, when the pandemic is over. In the meantime I have to acknowledge that I’m not a street photographer, even if some of what I’m doing would be termed as such. I feel that the documentary approach of photography is what I really wanted to do, even if I wasn’t aware of it. This made me create a website, Notes from the Holy Land, where I focus on that strictly, particularly in context of my life here in “the Holy Land”.
This leaves me with the question of what to do with this blog. Fortunately I have a good answer for it: photography stuff. All that which is not related to my documentary photography (yes, I have decided that that’s what I’m doing). Here I will focus much more on geeking out on photography related issues, including rants about gear, because, well, it’s fun and I really do want to share my – very important – thoughts on everything in that regards every now and then. 
So what does that mean? Well, Fotofying is not dead, but it’s getting more focused on photography, both when it comes to the act (or art) of photography, as well as the tools – the gear – we use for it. Ironically this also mean that the blog here will be more text focused, but be that as it may. 

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