I’ve been waiting for this one a long time

A Tel Avivian waiting to receive the juice he ordered

So this might going to sound weird, but I’ve been longing for this shot for a long long time, and now I finally got it.

I often pass this juice shop, and I’m always trying to get a good shot of an interaction between a customer and the owner, but I’ve always been cheated for it. Not this time, finally the right situation appeared.

Get me right, I don’t think that this is a masterpiece, one of my best shots, or even that amazing. I like it, sure, it catches the moment, but not much more. However, I’m happy.

Why, you might ask. Well, I spotted this shop the first time I passed it, and I knew that it would offer me, well, something. Every time I was passing something prevented me from taking a good shot. The shop owner wasn’t in sight, the customer/s looking away or having their faces covered, or something else again. I’ve been trying to stand on a bench near the place, crouching from the side, but nothing really allowed me to get the shot.

Now I got it, and I’m, well, not as satisfied as I had expected. You see, often – well, not often, but from time to time I see a spot, scene, etc. where I know that there’s a great shot waiting for me. For example of this old Jew passing in the Old City or a Muslim woman walking up an alley in Jaffa, they both turned out great, but not this.

However, not with this one. And I’m somewhat glad that it didn’t work out. Of two reasons.

First, we all need to fail from time to time. Failing reminds us that we still need to work for what we want to achieve, and though I don’t think that I’m a great photographer yet, it’s still good to be reminded anyway.

Second, the spot would have lost its excitement for me, had the shot been great. It would just have been another shop in the streets of Tel Aviv. Now it’s still a shot waiting to be mastered and captured. I still feel the excitement when I pass, and want to get the shot. And that makes me happy, because I love the spot, and contrary to the two other examples, it’s a spot I’m often passing.

So, should you ever experience the same, don’t despair, take joy in it and get the best out of it.

Oh, and should you ever pass the place, and see some weird guy with a black cap and camera desperately trying to get a shot there, come and say hi.

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