Monday Recommends: Jared Polin

Monday recommendation, this week we are recommending Jared Polin

Jared Polin. Now here’s someone who stands out, both in looks and personality. With his Jewfro, which gave name to his channel: Fro Knows Photo, Jared is easily recognizable. And if the fro doesn’t do it, then just look for his slogan on his tshirt: I shoot RAW. If these two aspects weren’t enough, then you can easily relate to his style of personality, being a little quirky, good natured, and geeky in the good way.

However, for some he appears arrogant. I get it, I had the same impression the first time I watched his videos. It takes a little time to get him, and if the entry point to his channel is the videos, where he reviews other people’s websites (submitted by themselves), it is easy to get a wrong impression of him. One of my first videos with him, was “DON’T INCLUDE this on your website if you shoot Weddings or Portraits, here’s why” At the time he rubbed me wrong, but I continued watching some of his videos. There’s also the argument between him and Tony Northrup about whether you should shoot RAW of JPG, which made him look somewhat above others.

But as said, this is really not who he is or what he is about. One thing I think is important to consider, when relating to every content creator, who is there to share knowledge, is that the most by far, are doing this out of good motives. The same goes with Jared. He puts a lot of energy and effort into his content, even if he at times might seem a little less serious about it than others. That is just his style. I’ll get back to that a little later. When you watch his content for some time, you will notice this. You will pick up on the person under the fro, who really cares. Not only about his channel, nor only about his viewers and followers, but also about the little guy out there. The locals, the small businesses, etc. This is in my opinion best exemplified by his small documentary story about the typewriter repair shop, Philly Typewriter. The story is not only about the shop and shop owner, Bryan Kravitz, but is also a way for Jared to show the photographers among his viewers, how to both help the local businesses of their place and to create exposure for themselves.

The story is touching and I was easily caught by it. Jared does well in telling this story, and in getting his message out, help others to help yourself.

But you also see his wish to help by the reviews of followers’ websites, as mentioned before. Sure, for those just getting to know him, he might seem somewhat arrogant. But the criticism he gives is fair and can be of great help. And he is, after all, doing this for free.

His content seem to be in three different categories. The more open content, where he tells stories or share thoughts, reviews – either of equipment or people’s content, and instructions. Either category is interesting and of great value.

That said, he might not be for all, I admit it. This is because of his style. He has a special style, and though it can rub some people the wrong way, even annoy some people so much that they don’t want to see him ever again, I think he did the right thing with this. He stands out. Let me repeat that, he stands out! In this regards he isn’t that much different from another person, who I will be reviewing in a later post, Kai Wong. I think it’s genius in some way, because no matter if you like him or hate him, you know him. Again, I have taken a liking to him, even if some of his things are a little silly (smell test and wind test of equipment).

So is Fro Knows Photo, Mr. I shoot RAW, Jared Polin for you?

Well, if you like the more polished style of people like the Northrup couple, or you just want something straight to the point, without too much stuff interfering, then no. Probably not. Though I would say that you would cheat yourself for some great knowledge.
If you like personality, quirky attitude, adding some extra heart into the content, and you love fros, well, do I need to say more? Stop reading, and hurry over to his channels.

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