Monday Recommends: Sean Tucker

Today’s recommendation is what I would call a “thinking photographer”. By that I’m not saying that other photographers are not thinking or considering what they do or how they do it. But often, what I see from other photographers is consideration of technical aspects, rather than more “philosophical” aspects of their photography. For example the Northrup couple and Peter McKinnon, as I’ve already mentioned in previous posts, they are focusing on the how of photography – how to find the right equipment, how to use it correctly, how to create certain effects, etc., summing up: how to create the perfect shot (or at least, the best shot possible). And there really isn’t anything wrong with that, on the contrary, we need it. Particularly budding photographers need to understand the ins and outs of photography, so my referring to Tucker as a “thinking photographer”, isn’t meant to reflect badly on other photographers.

What I mean will be evident from the first look at Tucker’s material. There is thought gone into it. Not just as to the how – which clearly is present, but also – and more importantly in this context – to the why. A lot of Tucker’s videos on YouTube have him sharing his considerations, both around the actual theme of the individual video, for example how to do head shots, corporate portraits, product photography, street photography, and more. He also shares thoughts on why doing photography at all, why we should do one thing instead of the other, why we should or shouldn’t refer to others, etc. I really love that.

That makes Sean Tucker not only a great source of knowledge, but also an amazing artistic source of inspiration, at least for myself. Besides learning techniques from Sean Tucker, I’m often – and even primarily – go to him to help me ponder on the aspects of photography as a way to express myself and my ideas. He, more than other photographers, have had an impact in how I approach my street photography. I might not think exactly like him, and you don’t have to when it comes to inspirations, but he has been influencing both how and why I do my photography on the street.

I have sort of explained what I like about him, and I think that the above pretty much explains why you would follow him. You can find material explaining the ins and outs of how to do photography, but in my eyes, Sean Tucker is more for people who wants to slow down a little, and consider why they are doing photography, allowing themselves to be philosophically inspired, just sitting and listening instead of acting. If you want an upbeat content creator and don’t have the patience for long(er) videos with a more intellectual approach, then Tucker is not for you. Tucker makes you think, that is his strength.

So, if you want to have a deeper approach to the medium of photography and really think, then Sean Tucker is definitely the go to.

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