Monday Recommends: Peter McKinnon

Time for a new Monday Recommends. This time I’d like to present you to Peter McKinnon, a Canadian photographer/videographer (so you know that he’s a nice guy), who has an amazing inspirational YouTube channel.
Peter is known for his B-rolls and positive mood. However, though he does have some tutorials on his channel, his value for me is much more as an inspiration. I doubt most will reach his level, but less should do it. And he has a great way of sharing his ideas and approaches to content creation, whether photography or videography. And what makes his videos even better, is that his friendship with Casey Neistat has made him a great storyteller, so all of his videos are not only inspiring, they’re also entertaining.
Take for example his recommendation of the 70-200mm Canon lens, which is both a recommendation of a great lens (the particular version is unfortunately far out of reach for me), but also a fun story of one of his trips out in the Canadian wilds:
What I really like about his content, is that it’s always 100% professionally made. You see that there is thought to the details from beginning to end. This, combined with his urge to share knowledge and insights, makes his video entertaining and interesting each time.
The only thing that I would like to see from McKinnon, is a website with more content. I understand that his site is focused on his business, but with a content creator like McKinnon, it could be much more than that.
That said, he uploads new content on a regular basis, so there’s always new great videos to watch.
Follow Peter McKinnon if you’re into both photography and videography, if you need to get inspired, but also want to be entertained.
You can find his YouTube channel here:
His Facebook page here:
And his website here:

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