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Glowing Light and Shadow

The Mitzpe Nevo neighborhood in Maale Adumim being embraced by the last rays of the sun.
The Mitzpe Nevo neighborhood in Maale Adumim being embraced by the last rays of the sun.

I’m mostly doing street photography, and mostly to document life and telling stories from the street. But I also do like to be a little creative in a more “artsy” why now and then. I haven’t found out exactly how or with what, but I think that I’m onto something, something I will call “glowing light and shadow”.

I was editing some of my photos, and tried to play with toning, adding a little color to the otherwise black and white shots I usually edit. I liked the results, but didn’t feel that it fit very well to the general style I use for my street photos. Turning the clarity down, gave a special glow to the photos, and when I played around with the contrast, highlights, shadow, and color filters, I got some really interesting results, which creates a different form of drama.

You can see the results below:

A silhouette of a young woman passing a tree on the Bimah Square in Tel Aviv.
The Girl under the Tree.

People crossing the Azrieli bridge.
Crossing the Bridge

A person descending from the Azrieli bridge.

A flower highlighted on a dark background.
A flower glowing in the dark

A tree standing on Masada in the Judean desert next to the Dead Sea
A lonely tree in the desert

A view from Masada over the southern beaches of the Dead Sea
A view over the desert

The Coptic church in Jaffa
The Church and the Sky

The cross on top of the Coptic church in Jaffa surrounded by the glow of the sun behind clouds.
The Cross embraced by God’s light

St. Anthony's Church seen through the bars in front of the church from a dramatic angle.
Religion behind bars

I’m definitely going to do more of these kind of shots. It doesn’t work well with general street photography, for that I will keep on mostly in black and white, but for architectural and landscape photography it seems to work well.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

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